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West Topsham, Vermont

Farm history and my background

My father bought this place in the fall of 1940 just before going off to WW II. At that time our plans were to use it solely as a summer dwelling. Because of his ill health after the war we moved here in 1949 and raised a few sheep, cows, bees, chickens, and even one pig. Of all the animals listed above, I most enjoyed raising the sheep.

We remained here until 1955 at which time we moved into the house belonging to my grandmother upon her death in Milton, MA. This is where I finished high school, paid my respects to Uncle Sam, graduated from Eastern Nazarene College (ENC), and got married. We then moved by way of three jobs and grad school to Springfield, MA. There I worked until retiring in 1992, at which time we returned to this farm and prepared it for the practices of Managed Intensive Grazing of sheep, which we still work on today.

While living here I remember my father telling me about grass farming, moving animals every day or so. All I could envision was digging holes and pounding in a cedar fence post every six or so feet around the pastures. But my father quickly reassured me that would not be the case, telling me about high tensile wire, easy-to-move poly post, and flexible wire. With this in mind, when I returned here, we started the practice of Rational Intensive Grazing using our sheep to reclaim our pastures, which were really quite over grown with saplings and forb. This idea has worked very well for us.

The name Flora Fauna Farm reflects the relationship between plants and animals in this long-term farm procedure. I took the name of the farm from one of my favorite courses at ENC, taught by Professor Babcock, who invited students to live at his vacation house for six weeks one summer session. What a way to learn ecology courses!

Christopher D. Hall
Ribbon Winning Fleeces
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