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West Topsham, Vermont

Montadale Sheep

The sheep on our farm are Montadale sheep, a breed developed by E. H. Mattingly, a commercial lamb buyer who had a dream of developing the "ideal" sheep.  Montadales are considered a dual-purpose breed, raised for both wool and meat.  Montadales are hardy animals that thrive across the United States.

Montadales produce excellent wool.  A unique characteristic of Montadale wool is its color. Nearly all Montadale wool is extremely white in color. Montadales produce very little lanolin which makes their wool very high-yielding (45-60%).  It is not uncommon for Montadale wool to yield 2-4% higher than wools of the same grade being produced in the same area.  Our wool is very popular with hand spinners, and b
oth our sheep and our fleece have won various awards for Flora Fauna Farms at trade fairs. 

Some characteristics of Montadale wool:
  • Soft wool
  • Springy crimp
  • Spin count grades 48s-58s
  • Micron count 32-35
  • Staple lengthle length 3.25"-4.5"
  • Color - extremely white
  • Very little lanolin
  • High yielding
  • Excellent for hand spinning
  • Scours out to being very white
  • White takes dye well with all colors

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